However, continuous developments are still integrated in hybrid vehicles to improve features. Various contributing factors cause this price hike, and have brought petroleum products cost in a staggering level; affecting the lifestyle of people. In the whole, if more and more people use hybrid vehicles; the average fuel consumption of an area, city or country will significantly decline. And with the recent crisis that the world faced, such towering prices have become more of a burden for consumers. And if one is optimistic enough, this may promise a future of cheaper petroleum products as their demands lower down ( a case based on the law of supply and demands in relation to product cost). The high prices of marketed hybrid vehicles and cars remain to be one of the biggest factors that prevents people from buying their own hybrid cars, among others. And so, enormous amount of money is spent on oil in an annual basis, getting a big portion from people's pockets. ? The prices of petroleum products have been in constant increase in the past few decades. For a fact, the electric motor is the often used engine in hybrids and gasoline engines only serve as back- up whenever the battery for the electric motor gets low. The alternative electric power source found in hybrid vehicles provides an option to people and cut out their enormous gas spending. And so, people need to abide with these towering price tags. With various issues and problems involving oil producing countries, the price hike can't be controlled. Thus, lesser, Winch Motor Manufacturers or if possible, no gasoline is consumed in short drives around the city. In the United States alone, the demand for petroleum products is so high that the country's economic, commercial, business, and public service facilities will gravely be affected in the event of stock scarcity. One of the biggest consumers of petroleum products is the transportation industry. Electric power is much cheaper as compared to oil prices and the utilization of this power source could mean lower spending.. But, are hybrid vehicles the answer to towering petroleum prices? Focusing only on the oil prices, the answer would be an obvious yes. However, people can't stay away from such monetary burden, considering that petroleum products are among the primary players in highly industrialized metropolises. This is one of the biggest benefits that hybrids provide to people. Over the years and until now, the escalation of oil prices are unpreventable. But with the advent of hybrid vehicles, people found a way to consistently reduce their expenditures on gasoline for their cars. With the majority of public and private vehicles dependent on petroleum products, the high prices of these products will not be enough reason to stop patronization.

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